A one-day mental health training course to give line managers the tools and confidence to support someone experiencing poor mental health in the workplace:

  • Flexible format for online or face-to-face delivery
  • Quality assured through CPD UK accreditation service (Participants receive a CPD Certification for attending)
  • Tailored content for in-house delivery

Employers have a responsibility to be proactive in developing positive mental health pathways. This should include training line managers to spot the early warning signs of mental health and provide them with the skills and confidence needed to intervene and have the supportive conversations necessary.  This training aims to give line managers mental health awareness, essential communication skills to handle difficult conversations, and a broader understanding of how to promote a culture of wellbeing.

Mental health awareness workbook for line managers

Mental Health Awareness for Line Managers is delivered by Becky Wright (New Leaf Workplace Wellbeing) and Sharon James (SJHR) and is quality assured through CPD UK, the leading independent accreditation institution providing recognised continuing professional development accreditation compatible with global CPD principles.

Graph showing how many people think the course has increased their confidence in supporting someone who is mentally unwell in the workplace
Graph showing how many people think the training will be useful in their work
Graph showing how many people would recommend the mental health course to others
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“I really appreciated the knowledge and experience of our two course leads and it felt rare and also reassuring to have access to experts on this topic.”

“The training will help me to directly support my team in coping with mental health issues, and to foster a broader workplace environment whereby mental health challenges are not stigmatised.”

“I think having a conversation around Mental Health can seem daunting, but the workshop has definitely helped me to feel more confident to support others and myself.”